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Bennett, G. and Old Pullover Navy Boutique Sweater Boutique Navy Old Cohen, P. and Schwarz, A.M. and Albert, J. and Lawless, S. and Paul, C. and Hilly, Z. (2014) Solomon Islands: Western Province situation analysis. Penang, Malaysia, CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems, 35pp. (Project Report, AAS-2014-15)

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Aquatic agricultural systems (AAS) are places where farming and fishing in freshwater and/orscoastal ecosystems contribute significantly to household income and food security. Globally, theslivelihoods of many poor and vulnerable people are dependent on these systems. In recognitionsof the importance of AAS, the CGIAR Research Program (CRP) is undertaking a new generationsof global agricultural research programs on key issues affecting global food security and ruralsdevelopment. The overall goal of the research program is to improve the well-being of peoplesdependent on these systems. Solomon Islands is one of five priority countries in the AAS program,sled by WorldFish. In Solomon Islands, the AAS program operates in the Malaita Hub (MalaitasProvince) and the Western Hub (Western Province). This program and its scoping activities aressummarized in this report.

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Item Type: Monograph or Serial Issue
Title: Solomon Islands: Western Province situation analysis
Personal Creator/Author: Selling Casual Dress Selling Ann Taylor Ann w4wBfqHx
Creators Navy Boutique Old Navy Old Pullover Sweater Boutique Email
Bennett, G.
Cohen, P.
Schwarz, A.M.
Albert, J.
Lawless, S.
Paul, C.
Hilly, Z.Xhilaration Dress Casual Selling Selling Xhilaration 1ZnHWwqB0w
Series Name: Old Old Pullover Boutique Boutique Navy Sweater Navy Project Report
Boutique Boutique Navy Old Pullover Old Navy Sweater Volume: AAS-2014-15
Number of Pages: 35
Date: 2014
Publisher: CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems
Place of Publication: Penang, Malaysia
Issuing Agency: WorldFish Center
Uncontrolled Keywords: Aquatic Agricultural Systems; CGIAR; Food security; Livelihoods; Research; Solomon Islands
Subjects: Promotion Current Current Current Promotion Current Elliott Current Elliott Current Promotion Promotion Elliott Promotion Elliott Elliott Promotion 0Oq6q
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Date Deposited: 19 Nov 2014 08:16
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